KiVa - a globally functioning network

KiVa program is distributed globally by our licensed partner organizations in the following countries:

  • Belgium:Tenz vzw
  • Chile: Santillana Chile
  • Estonia: SA Kiusamisvaba Kool
  • Ireland (North East Ireland): The Genesis Programme
  • Italy: EbiCo Cooperativa ONLUS
  • New Zealand: Victoria Link Limited
  • Northern Spain, Basque Country: Ikastola Elkartea, Macmillan Education Iberia
  • Spain, Argentina and Mexico – in English: Instituto Escalae
  • Spain: Macmillan
  • Sweden: Magelungen
  • The Netherlands: KiVa BV
  • The United Kingdom: Early Intervention Wales Ltd.
  • The European School network in Belgium, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg and Germany


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