New Zealand Curriculum Links

NZ KiVa links to the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) - and supports teachers’ development and practice through:


KiVa is evidence based with annual feedback that teachers can use to support decision making around their own Teaching as Inquiry. It presents a variety of approaches to teaching as examples.
KiVa provides collaborative strategies that promote changes and development in teaching practices e.g. use of role play, more student involvement

Vision, Values, Key Competencies

KiVa activities and learning focusses on the development of all that is the intent of the NZC.
• The development of young New Zealanders to be confident, resilient, and participants in a range of life contexts
• The development of aspects in students of self-management, inclusion, respect, empathy to name a few

Health and Physical Education

By becoming a KiVa school you are working towards the four underlying concepts of this learning area: hauora, attitudes and values, socio-ecological perspective, and health promotion. KiVa makes a significant contribution to the well-being of students beyond the classroom (p22 NZC)

Social Science

KiVa assists in the development of student knowledge about themselves, how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens

The Arts

KiVa uses the Drama elements of role play, action, and tension, to express human experience and see another’s point of view


KiVa supports the concept that literature creates feelings of empathy and an understanding of living in the shoes of others.

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