KiVa teams from Wellington schools met during the afternoon of October 26th 2016. The aim of the meeting was to discuss successes and challenges when dealing with bullying incidents and to network with other KiVa schools in the region. The turnout was very pleasing with only one local school unable to attend at this particular time.

It was exciting to observe team members from new KiVa schools talking with those from more experienced KiVa schools as well as listening to discussions between schools with similar and/or very different clientele. 

Successes included:

  • clarity of bullying definition and ability to articulate
  • reduction of other negative behaviours as well as bullying
  • incidents getting reported and students trusting that something will be done
  • KiVa team adding a seriousness to a situation and that students respond positively to this

Challenges included:

  • getting the 'buy-in' of all staff
  • ensuring consistency - referrals and classroom delivery
  • continuity of the team when people leave
  • need to have time to digest training

Surprises included:

  • the reduction in other negative behaviours
  • uncovering unknown and surprising bullies
  • acceptance by children when talking with the KiVa team
  • honesty of children

This was a successful start to developing a KiVa community in the Wellington region. The group agreed it was worthwhile and the next meeting will be planned later in term one 2017.