Schools implementing Kiva are already demonstrating an average of a 10% reduction in bullying incidents. This positvely impacts on the well being of a significant number of our school-age children. 

The findings from this preliminary evaluation of KiVa suggest that after one year of
implementation there was a significant perceived decrease in the frequency of
bullying, the frequency of victimization (both traditionally and via the internet) and an
increase in students’ feelings of safety within their school environment. The findings
from the present small-scale evaluation are encouraging as they are comparable to
those found in Finland, where after only one year of implementation there was
perceived to be a significant drop in bullying and victimization and this trend
continued over the ensuing years (Herkama, & Salmivalli, 2014). In the present
study, there was also a significant change from baseline to after 1 year of Kiva with
regard to what teachers were perceived to be doing to decrease bullying.

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