Quality Recommendations

A) Programme administration at school: coordination, planning, information and monitoring

1. The school has appointed person/s to oversee KiVa who is familiar with the programme, coordinates        implementation, and assists when needed

2. The school has an action plan for KiVa implementation which includes

    - which year levels have the KiVa lessons?

    - what do other classes do?

    - when does the KiVa team meet and how do they schedule time for discussions with students?

    - cooperation/coordination between KiVa team and other school staff

3. The school has informed the staff, students and parents about the KiVa programme

     - Training for staff

     - Training for KiVa team

     - User IDs and how to use website/intranet

     -"Kick off" for students

     - Parent newsletter and parent evening planned

     - Orientation plan for any new teachers

     - Open and objective discussion about bullying

B) Programme implementation at school

Universal Actions/use of KiVa material

     - The KiVa lessons have been completed during the course of the year

     - The students have been playing the computer game

     - Teachers on duty have been wearing the vests

Indicated actions/actions of the KiVa team

     - The school has a KiVa team that addresses acute cases of bullying

     - The discussion forms have been used at discussions addressing acute bullying or the process has been documented some                           other way 

     - The school has scheduled follow-up discussions related to acute case of bullying

C) Monitoring and evaluating the KiVa programme

    - Students (all) complete the student survey at the end of each school year

    - The school evaluates its KiVa actions regularly