KiVa Fees

Year 1 for all schools = $3,200 training fee and $4 per student (+gst)     

Subsequent years for all schools = $4 per student (+gst)

Please note: 'Particularly small schools', i.e. 50 students or less, can negotiate joint training sessions to reduce costs. Conditions apply.

What you get for per student per year fees


  • become a KiVa school (an anti-bullying school) for life
  • reduce bullying incidents in your school
  • become part of a national and international community
  • benefit by website and materials improvements/additions

In addition:

  • annual student survey online
  • annual analysis of student survey results - your school in comparison to other KiVa schools
  • On-going and current research into the mechanisms of bullying (and anti-bullying) behaviours
  • Access to all website material and all improvements
  • Access to KiVa games that support lessons – and improvements
  • Assistance with parent/community meeting planning
  • Ongoing access to parent guidelines (downloadable)
  • Extra on-line activities to support units and lessons
  • PowerPoints for your use – parent evenings etc.
  • Templates – downloadable i.e. for KiVa team
  • Ongoing support via email
  • Become and remain part of the NZ KiVa community
  • Become and remain part of the international KiVa community (and its research)
  • Newsletters – where you can showcase your successes
  • Regional KiVa days
  • On-going use of Teacher Manuals

What you get for a one-off training fee

  • Setting up suggestions and follow-up communication
  • One day training for all staff
  • One day training for your KiVa team (concurrent 2 days)
  • One hard copy teacher manual (Units for the year) per target class
  • Photo packs for units 1 & 2
  • One poster per 100 students
  • One KiVa vest per 100 students
  • travel and accommodation for initial training

Additional travel costs, i.e. over and above training, to be negotiated on a case by case basis