We care about the safety of our children.

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  • Bullying prevention?

Pink Shirt Day is a great start – but let’s make everyday a ‘pink shirt day’ for our children.

KiVa works towards a culture change – it is designed first and foremost to create a school climate that is unaccepting of bullying and, instead, encouraging of positive social behaviours. KiVa students, such as the bystanders, are equipped with strategies and confidence to act and defend.

PISA[1] (2015) acknowledges KiVa success as ‘significant’.

The majority of studies evaluating bullying prevention programmes find a positive impact. But in most cases, the impact is modest. Randomised control trials found that the KiVa programme had a significant impact on reducing the incidence of bullying, and also made a difference in students’ attitudes towards bullies and victims. [2]

The following graph shows the difference for New Zealand schools that have implemented KiVa for up to three years.

[1] Programme for International Student Assessment

[2] From the WWW.  PISA 2015 Results (Volume III) Students' Well-Being