The KiVa approach is effective in reducing bullying

KiVa has been evaluated in a large randomised controlled trial including 117 intervention schools and 117 control schools. The programme has been shown to reduce both self-and peer-reported bullying and victimisation significantly1. It influences multiple forms of victimisation, including verbal, physical, and cyberbullying2. In addition, positive effects on school liking, academic motivation and achievement have been reported3. KiVa also reduces anxiety and depression and has a positive impact on students' perception of their peer climate4. A remarkable 98% of victims involved in discussions with the schools' KiVa teams felt that their situation improved5.

Finally, Finnish data from more than 1000 schools that started the implementation of KiVa in Autumn 2009 showed that after the first year of implementation, both victimisation and bullying had reduced significantly6. The KiVa programme won the European Crime Prevention Award in 2009.


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Appendix on missing values

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